About Us

...We become your "eyes & ears," providing you with an ongoing, real-time analysis of what's being said online.

3Lions began as an idea conceived over a cup of coffee by a small group of friends.
The idea was to bring together a unique team of advertising, marketing, business and creative professionals with the goal of creating something entirely original

What do we do?

First, we design the highest quality social media and online properties available ANYWHERE (as in 'the world'). Then, we develop an overall strategy based on what YOU need.

We become your "eyes & ears," providing you with an ongoing, real-time analysis of what's being said online about: YOU, YOUR issues, YOUR brand...

WHO is saying it, WHERE it's being said and WHAT it means.

From there, we offer guidance to help you react using best practices to control the digital conversation, thereby empowering your "voice" so that your message is the one that is heard.



3Lions™ was one of the first companies to creatively utilize the integration of facebook's iFrame app. Our facebook approved app allows you to do ANYTHING you want on your Facebook Fan Page with no restrictions. From live streaming video to complete shopping experiences, it is all executed within facebook... not bouncing you all over the web.

Our close relationship with facebook gives us the opportunity to offer our clients much more successful facebook advertising campaigns with deeper analytics, strategy and design.

Have you ever wondered what your customers or clients thought about you, your products or even your competition? With our proprietary 3Lions Digital Pulse, you can know exactly that – in real time. We can tell you everything that's being said about you and your brand. We can pinpoint the most influential people saying it and exactly where it's being said and if it's positive or negative. We then arm you with the – who, where, why, and how to truly target the conversation to affect your business or brand….with no waste to your bottom line.

3Lions trademarked Social Hub provides your customers a unique experience with your brand by bringing all of your social feeds into ONE easy to navigate page. With this product, you will give your visitors the chance to easily "browse" all of your social media properties at one time without navigating back and forth between them. Plus, the SEO benefits of multiple pieces of streaming data pointing back to your website is a BIG WIN!

It doesn't matter if you are a 10 person operation or 10,000, we want to hear from you. From custom Facebook Fan Page creation to full blown social media marketing plans, we can help.

Contact us to discuss solutions for your business.

Do you have multiple clients with multiple needs? We have an "app" for that! Our agency solutions enable you to offer all of our services to your current and potential clients.

Contact us today for more information.

From statewide and national campaigns to local government projects, our political solutions are a perfect fit. We can assist you in building your complete social media suite including fundraising, online polling, streaming video and so much more.
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Executive Team

Lionel Rainey III
It was apparent at an early age that Greenville Alabama native, Lionel Rainey III had a love of conservative politics, sales, and Alabama Football. At 10 years old, he decided to go door to door in his neighborhood wearing an Alabama Football helmet and stump for Ronald Reagan even though Reagan was nearing the end of his second term. Lionel served as a decorated member of the United States Coast Guard before attending Troy University and majoring in Public Relations. Lionel's business career has spanned from being one of the top performing News Talk Account Managers in Alabama and Louisiana to working in England for the first American Formatted radio station in the UK. Rainey returned to the United States in 2009 to work for a prestigious web development company. In 2010, Lionel branched out on his own and founded 3Lions Media as a web design/marketing company. Soon after, he saw the overwhelming need for "so much more" and began assembling the team that is today, 3Lions.
Stan Levy, Co-Founder, Partner
Stan Levy has been the top performing Market Consultant for Clear Channel Communications specializing in revenue generation for the radio division for the past 12 years. Levy was first exposed to major media operations when he was still in college working his summers in Los Angeles at DreamWorks and Ticketmaster at the height of the dotcom boom. Levy has a deep understanding for integrating large-scale business initiatives for clients across multiple media platforms and thrives on how social media is utilized in overall marketing strategies. Throughout the past few years, it became clearly aware to Stan that businesses and brands from all industries yearned for a true partner and advisor when it came to the digital world, especially in social media. His vision was to put together a highly-skilled group of professionals from diverse backgrounds and arm them with cutting edge technology and strategies to help businesses grow. He has been recognized with the highest level of achievement in Clear Channel Worldwide, being a multiple recipient of the prestigious Pinnacle Award as well as Baton Rouge Business Report's Top Forty Under 40 Award. Levy graduated from LSU with a BA in Mass Communications and is a native of DeRidder, LA.
Connor Uffman, Co-Founder, Partner
Connor's unique ability for analyzing data and converting it into language that businesses can understand is a true gift, a gift that stems from two passions—people and politics . After graduating from LSU with a degree in Political Science, Connor sought a position in which he could join those two passions. Unfortunately, Connor soon discovered that the sales industry was not the place to talk about neither politics nor people. However, he went on to found Uffman Media & Consulting and worked with businesses and campaigns on how to best utilize new technologies to reach their objectives. His involvement in the political sector made him aware of the need for professionals and resources that campaigns could use to increase their online presence, gain deeper insights into voters, effectively target audiences, and efficiently monitor issues. He went on to introduce Louisiana to a new campaign technology that was recently voted a Top Five Campaign Technology of 2010. It was in 2010 when Connor and two friends (people) sat down to talk (politics) over a cup of coffee, ultimately leading to the formation of 3Lions. Connor graduated from Catholic High School and is a native of Baton Rouge.
Jason Recher, Political Director

Jason Recher cut his teeth in his home state of New Hampshire's political primary tundra. Climbing the political ladder, Recher was commissioned as a Special Assistant to The President of the United States by President George W. Bush - handling public appearances and traveling on Air Force One to every continent, reaching 64 countries and nearly all 50 states.
Recher's career has spanned three national campaigns. He served as a senior advisor to Governor Sarah Palin and has consulted numerous international Leaders and political campaigns. Since leaving government, Recher has formed two successful companies specializing in publishing, entertainment and creative media strategies. Through these companies, Recher has been part of the management team that helped market and sell the New York Times #1 bestsellers for 2009 and 2010.
Recher's career focus has been on imaging, branding, and public outreach. He brings the ability to apply his experience in retail politics to today's all important new media focus. He is a frequent media contributor and has been a guest on MSNBC's Hardball, CNN's The Situation Room, on the cover of Time magazine and the New York Times. Recher resides in New Orleans, LA with his wife Andrea and their dogs Fats and Nola.

Erik Jessen, Design & Development Director
Erik Jessen co-founded Mixed Media Group, an awesome award-winning design firm and hosting company based in Lake Charles, Louisiana in 2002. Over the years Erik has become a key figure in the graphic arts industry serving in the past as a creative director, designer, website programmer, and contributing back to the community as an instructor in higher education. With over 10 years experience, Erik has achieved many awards for his work and dedication to the craft. Recently, Erik was awarded Best of Show and Brilliance in Branding at the 2011 Addy® Awards for website design and logo design. Erik is considered part of a small breed in the country known as a Hybrid Designer, achieving and honing his skills in both development and graphic arts. Erik leads the 3Lions staff of designers and programmers.
Molly McWhorter, Lead Project Manager
Molly McWhorter, a Washington D.C. native, served as Senior Media Planner at Peter A. Mayer Advertising in New Orleans coordinating national as well as regional media planning projects before moving to the client-side as a consultant for a prestigious retail jeweler. Most recently, Molly has run her own consulting firm focusing primarily on Social Media. She also serves as an advisor to advertising agencies on Social and Digital Media. Molly's true talent lies in her ability to shepherd complex, multi-layered projects from inception to completion in a disciplined yet creative manner.


Paul Chaney, Social Media Training & Consultant
Paul Chaney is a renowned Internet marketing consultant, public speaker, trainer, author of The Digital Handshake: Seven Proven Strategies to Grow Your Business Using Social Media and co-author of Realty Blogging: Build your Brand and Outsmart Your Competition. Paul sits on the board of advisors for the Women's Wisdom Network, the Social Media Marketing Institute and Smart Brief on Social Media and a feature writer for Practical E-Commerce. Paul is a Technical Editor for Pearson and Wiley publishing and has worked on most of the For Dummies series books related to blogs and Internet marketing. He was technical editor and contributing writer on Buzz Marketing with Blogs For Dummies, the very first book to address blogging from a purely business perspective.
Alan Citron, Executive Advisor
Alan Citron is a veteran Internet executive who was the founding general manager of TMZ and the founding president of Ticketmaster Online. He also ran Barry Diller's Internet operations when Diller headed USA Networks. Citron has deep experience in online publishing and transactions. He most recently served as president of Buzz Media, which owns and operates more than 35 web sites in the celebrity and music space. Prior to the Internet, Citron was a reporter and editor at the Los Angeles Times for 13 years. He is a native of New Orleans. Citron knows what it takes to bring brand new media tech companies to the highest levels of success in a very short period of time.

Clients / Portfolio

Louisiana Secretary of State
Appleseed Expeditions
  • Website Development (In Development)
Slap Ya Mama
All Safe Pest Control
Halpins Flooring America
  • 3Lions Suite (In Development)
Advanced Office Systems
Papa Murphy's
Hotel Indigo Baton Rouge
  • 3Lions Suite (In Development)
Bulls i
Louisiana Economic Development - Fast Start
  • Social Media Strategy, Planning & Consulting
Petz Plaza
  • Social Media Strategy & Consulting
Moss Honda, Lafayette
  • 3Lions Suite (In Development)

Office Address

1669 Lobdell Ave
Baton Rouge, LA 70809


Mailing Address

2561 Citiplace Ct
Ste 750-173
Baton Rouge, LA. 70808

(225) 454-6536

(225) 663 8896





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